Special Advance Giving

These denominational Advance Specials are Missouri ministries. To contribute to any of these Advance Specials, note the Advance number on your check and put it in your church's offering. Your church treasurer will forward it to the Conference treasurer's office, who will be sure that your church receives credit for your contribution. Then it is forwarded to the General Board of Global Ministries and distributed to the projects. 

The Advance

The Advance is an official program of The United Methodist Church for voluntary, designated, second-mile giving. The website gives an overview of the denominational information.

Special Giving form

Download the Missouri Conference Special Giving form for Advance Specials, special offerings and Mozambique.

Denominational Advance Specials

The following are the denominational Advance Specials in Missouri.

Empowering Women #560001
Multifaceted efforts to help women improve their lives and enrich their families.

Feed My PeopleSt. Louis #560002
A chance for children in need to start the new school year with new shoes, underwear and supplies.

Heartland Network for Town and Rural Ministries #561300
An effective ministry in town and rual areas in the Midwest through networking, training, research, advocacy and support services.

Kingdom House Child Advocacy Project (Soulard), St. Louis #561225
A child-abuse and neglect-prevention program.

Kingdom House Infant/Toddler Center, St. Louis #561320
Subsidized day care for high-risk infants.

Newhouse Substance-Abuse Program, Kansas City #562374
Substance-abuse treatment services for battered women in a shelter.

ReStart Inc., Ministry with Homeless Families and Youth, Kansas City #562500
Emergency food, shelter and support services for homeless people; minstries for runaway teenagers and persons with AIDS.

La Clinica, Accion Social Comunitaria, St. Louis #561476
An effort to address medical, legal, economic, psychological and social needs in conjunction with spiritual development.

La Clinica, Accion Social Comunitaria, Capital, St. Louis #561475
Medical and office equipment; building improvements.


Missouri Conference Advance Specials

The following ministries are the Advance Specials for our Conference.

Habitat for Humanity, Missouri – Works in partnership with low-income families to provide a means whereby they can own a home.

Heifer International, Missouri Coordinator – Poor families receive animals to help them become self-sufficient and in turn give the first offspring to another family.

Mission Ambassador (Ludhiana) – This conference advance special will give congregations and individuals the opportunity to support the Missouri Conference Mission Ambassadors ministry. Funds will be used for partial scholarship for mission ambassadors to visit Ludhiana and tell the Ludhiana story in the Missouri Conference.

Missouri Disaster response – When floods, tornadoes or other disasters strike in Missouri, this is a channel through which churches can contribute.  Differs from UMCOR because funds can be used to restore church property.

Missouri VIM Coordinator – Salary support for the coordinator of Volunteer in Mission (VIM) projects within Missouri.

Mozambique Initiative Coordinator – Salary support for Carol Kreamer, who coordinates ministries between Missouri and the Mozambique Annual Conference, local churches and individuals.

Prison PATCH (Parents and Their Children) – A non-profit organization operating in the State women’s prisons at Chillicothe and Vandalia to encourage contact between mothers and grandmothers who are incarcerated and their children or grandchildren.

VIM Projects – Financial support for any VIM project that is organized through the Office of Creative Ministries.

PET (Personal Energy Transportation) – Funds project to produce United Methodist-made transportation carts that people disabled by polio, landmine injuries, war amputations, crocodile bites, etc., can operate themselves to gain mobility.

Wardrobe, Hayti -- This ministry of the Office of Creative Ministries serves the poor living in the boot heel of Missouri.  This advance special is for providing food.

Baby Grace Ministry - Provides funds for this ministry of the Buckner UMC which serves low income families with children between the ages of 0 and 5. Baby Grace offers spiritual support and counseling, as well as monthly diaper distributions. programs and classes, and church camp scholarships. In addition, Baby Grace maintains a distribution center where donations of gently used baby/children items (clothes, books, toys, blankets, bottles, strollers, etc) are received and then disbursed to families at quarterly Open Houses.