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Visit our hub for COVID-19 resources for the local church, including updates from Bishop Farr and worship resources.

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View resources from the Office of Finance and Administration, such as resources related to year-end stats, clergy and local church taxes,

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View resources related to clergy and laity boundaries, including Conference policies related to boundaries and sexual ethics, recommended books and trainings for local church PPRC commitees.

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Learn more about grants available from the Conference for mission work and new places,
including Library Builder and New Place Grants.

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Growing Deeper

View all resources related to discipleship, including assessment tools, books and curriculum, and discipleship toolkits.

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Episode 24: Planting In A Pandemic with Danielle Reeves

Danielle Reeves is a church planter in Colorado who flipped the traditional church model to start Resilience Church right in the middle of the pandemic. She is 25 years strong as a woman in ministry with a whole lot of grit and grind for discipling believers and reaching people outside of the church.

A Biblical Reflection of Emotional Health

Download the Intro and Family Guide →   Download the Intro and Group Guide with Leader Script →   Download the Intro and Participant Guide →

GCFA's HR Job Description Worksheet

Is your ministry looking to fill support positions? A clear and complete job description will help you attract qualified potential candidates. UMC Support’s experienced Human Resources team has developed this worksheet to help you identify your ideal candidate.

Workplace Policy Guidance Related to COVID-19 Vaccines

With outbreaks persisting and vaccines on the rise, several questions are coming up with respect to our churches and vaccines. This document is meant to address the most common and pressing of questions.

ABUNDANT Sermon Series

Download these free-to-use sermon series planning materials, based on our 2021 Annual Conference theme, ABUNDANT