Passing the Baton Move Pack

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Introduction - Download PDF

Letter from Clergy Support Team 5
Passing the Baton to Your Pastoral Successor 6
How Incoming Pastors Can Navigate the Changeover Zone 8
“All Things New” by Sally Dyck 10
Prayer and Scripture Resources 11
Initial Contact with New Church 14
Moving Days 2017 14
Common Moving Courtesies 15
Good Ideas for a Move - Download PDF
Before the Move Checklists 17
After the Move Checklists 19
Making the Change - Download PDF
Coping Strategies: Grief and Loss 21
Transition Strategies 23
50 Ways to Improve Pastoral Transitions 24
Single Pastor on the Move 26
Family on the Move 27
Healthy Ways to Care for Self 29
Self-Care Considerations: My Covenant for Self-Care 30
The Church’s Responsibility for Pastoral Care 31
Suggestions for the First Week 32
The First 100 Days 33
First Year Priorities 35
Communication - Download PDF
Leaving Well 39
The Metaphor: Passing the Baton 40
It’s a Matter of Ethics 42
Sermon Ideas for the Change-Over Zone 43
Sermon Ideas for the First 100 Days 45
Clergy and Social Media Ethics 46
Social Media Guidelines 47

Sample Communication

  • Pastoral Change Announcement from PPRC
  • Next Pastor Announcement from PPRC
  • Last email of outgoing pastor/how our relationship will change
  • Change-Over Zone (Pastoral Transitions) FAQs
Appropriate Transparency and Oversharing 57
Reference Guide (and Where to Find it) - Download PDF
Policy on Parsonage & Cash Housing Allowances 59
Guidelines and Recommendations for Church-Provided Residences 60
2016 Moving Policy 64
Clergy Compensation (Minimum Salary and Salary Supplement) 65
Clergy Continuing Education & Clergy Vacation 67
Pastor Parish Relations Guide - Download PDF
Transition Strategies for Lay Leadership 69
New Appointment Administrative Checklist (for the Church staff or Treasurer) 70
50 Ways to Welcome a New Pastor 71
Suggestions for Churches with a Single Pastor 74
Suggestions for Churches with a Young Pastor 76
What You Can Expect in the First 100 Days 77
Resources - Download PDF
Book and Online Resources List