MKI Application

Only electronic applications will be accepted. Please note: You cannot start your application and return to it. There is no save feature. Use the guidelines below to prepare your application before starting the digital form.

Click here to view the digital application

How to Apply

You will need the following materials for your application:

  • ExecutiveInsite, QuickInsite and People Plot demographic reports for a 2-3-mile radius from (Contact Tammy Calcote,, for login credentials.)

    • People Plot Instructions: Upload your congregational membership list of physical addresses into Missioninsite People Plot at   

    • Instructions:  
      • Log into Missioninsite  
      • Choose Next Generation PeopleView  
      • Select People Plot 
      • Select Overview Videos 
      • Select video instructions How to Upload People Plot
    • ComparitiveInSite instructions: Run this report after the People Plot has been completed.

    • Instructions:  

      • Log into Missioninsite
      • Go to PLOTTING on bottom menu
      • Plot the congregants on map
      • Go to shapes
      • Draw a shape around the congregants. You will encompass about 80% of your congregants.
      • Go to Demographics
      • Run ComparitiveInSite report
  • Pastor's DISC Profile Report (click here to take the assessment)
  • Pastor's Top 5 Clifton Strengths Finder Report (click here to take the assessment)
  • Documents describing:
    • Congregational History: Attach a report describing your Congregational History. Include those events that contributed to periods of growth or decline in the number of people participating. Write in a factual style. Avoid the temptation to puff up the story for public relations and the temptation to inject person commentary regarding past problems. (maximum 3 pages)
    • Congregational Structure: Write a summary of your congregational structure including the individuals or groups who are responsible for program decisions, budgeting, and financial oversight, buildings and grounds, and any other major interests of the congregation. List committees, task forces, program teams, etc. and explain how these relate to boards or councils. Provide an organizational chart that reflects your current structure. Include a list of all people who oversee specific areas of service today. List the number of positions for which they are responsible in their oversight. State whether these people are full-time, part-time, or volunteer staff. (maximum 3 pages)
    • Congregational Building and Land: List dates and provide descriptions for any building construction, major renovation, land acquisition or leasing of facilities. List the amount of acreage you own, lease or rent, the square footage of building(s), and approximate number of parking spaces. (maximum 1 page)
  • Pastoral History: Names, years and tenures of pastors over the last 20 years.
  • Your latest Charge Conference Report
  • Church data: Baptisms, average weekly attendance, professions of faith and apportionment percents paid from 2014-2019
  • Operating income, operating expenses and year-end totals for the last five years, including year to date
  • Signed District Superintendent endorsement (Download the Word doc or PDF)

Steps to Apply

  1. Fill out this Word document to draft your answers.
  2.  Send the completed Word document for your District Superintendent for approval. Download the approval form Word doc or PDF.
  3. Take your answers from the Word document and copy them into the digital form.

Questions? Contact Tammy Calcote at