The Center for Congregational Excellence exists for two purposes: to start new places for new people and to transform existing churches. For several years, the Missouri Conference used a transformation process for existing congregations called the Healthy Church Initiative (HCI). Multiplying Kingdom Impact (MKI) is the next generation of this transformation process designed to help churches move beyond a mindset of addition to multiplication and beyond a focus on the local church to the Kingdom impact a body of believers can have on their community, region and wider world.

Goals for Multiplying Kingdom Impact

  • Enable congregations to create movements of disciples who make disciples who create new places for new people that multiply Christ’s Kingdom across their regions and the world. The process involves:
    • Enabling congregations to see their current reality (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats).
    • Preparing congregations for new ways of thinking, being and multiplying ministry that leads to transformation (books/training topics/consultation).
    • Supporting congregations in new goals and execution (4DX process/coaching).
  • Enable transformational results for 27 existing congregations over the next two years leading to the creation of new places for new people.

Timeline suggested for this process

PHASE 1: Preparation (Months 0-3)

  • Introduction to Multiplication Thinking and the MKI Process
  • Vote by Church Council to engage in the process
  • Send the voting results to Congregational Excellence and your District Superintendent
  • Pastor engages in The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course as a plan for discipleship that deeply changes our relationship with God. Takes 8-16 weeks
  • Pastor and leadership read Chapter 2 on “Breakthrough Prayer” in Flood Gates by Sue Nilson Kibbey
  • Create a prayer team or engage your existing team to lead the congregation in practicing Breakthrough Prayer

PHASE 2: Prayer & Self Study (Months 4-6)

  • Pastor, Leadership & Congregation engage in Breakthrough Prayer for the community, church, and multiplying God’s Kingdom. Breakthrough Prayer Initiative:

    It is not just a prayer class, prayer committee, prayer meeting, or sermon series. It’s when God’s people join together in an intentional prayer movement across all ages to simply and repeatedly pray—either silently or aloud—asking God to break through in new and miraculous ways: in my personal life • in the individual lives of those in our congregation • in our church collectively • to use me, and to use us together for unimagined new purposes on behalf of Christ • to break through anything that might hold us back, including resistant thinking and negative attitudes The simple breakthrough prayer focus is for God’s Spirit to break through anything that holds us captive, so that we can boldly move forward and fulfill God’s intention for why we exist as Christ’s body, right now and beyond.
    Flood Gates: Holy Momentum for a Fearless Church by Sue Nilson Kibbey
  • Pastor’s DISC & Strengths Assessments
  • Online Readiness 360 assessment (entire church invited to complete)
  • Mystery Worshipers (three visits) 
  • 1:1 Interviews (via phone, GoToMeeting or face-to-face with pastor and six to eight staff and key leaders)
  • Focus Group: In person meeting for 1.5 hours at the church of approximately 15 people. This is a group of members which represent a cross-section of the congregation. They should not be staff or relatives of staff or members in leadership roles. Very simply, these people are faithful in worship and perhaps group life, but do not have staff or leadership responsibilities. The pastor is not a member of the Focus Group.

PHASE 3: Sharing Results & Recommendations (Months 7-8)

  • Share the Self Study, Readiness 360, Mystery Worshipers results and the Draft Recommendations with the District Superintendent.
  • Meet with Church Council to review results from Self Study, Readiness 360, Mystery Worshipers, Interviews and Focus Group. Present Report & Draft Recommendations including a recommended timeline.  
  • Consultation Day: (1 day: 4-6 hours onsite with 2-3 team members including the Lead Consultant and coach)
  • Workshop: All church members are invited to this workshop, staff (paid and volunteer) and the leadership of the church are required to attend this (usually 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) session. The consultant team will be providing teaching which is designed to move people from maintenance to missional thinking. This is a “must meeting” for as many people in the church as possible, so attitudes and commitment to mission can be developed. The teaching focuses on how each of us are called for more in our lives, churches, and communities.

Shift 1: From More Effort to More Jesus

Shift 2: From More Volunteers to More Masterpieces

Shift 3: From More Guilt to More Love

Shift 4: From More Hierarchy to More Missionaries

Shift 5: From More Programs to More Mission Fields

Shift 6: From More Strategy to More Surrender (Source:

  • Church Council Presents the Consultation Report, Draft Recommendations, and Timeline to the congregation and answers questions. 
  • Two Town Hall meetings facilitated by the pastor and leadership team to discuss the findings and recommendations.  
  • Church Council votes to implement recommendations.

PHASE 4: Post-Consultation, Execution & Coaching (Months 9 and beyond)

  • Leaders & Congregation begin The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course as a plan for discipleship that deeply changes our relationship with God. (8-16 weeks)
  • Pastor and leadership team works with a coach for implementation for 12-24 months. (This cost covered by the congregation at an investment of $200/month.)
  • Visioning, Discipleship Process, Build Teams 
  • 4 Disciplines of Execution Training for implementation (Month 9)
  • Follow-up (6 and 12 months after consultation). The MKI team meets with the Pastor and Church Council (face to face, via GoToMeeting or Conference Call) to check in and offer further support, if needed.

Financial Investment by the local church

  • $400 to begin the process*
  • Consultation Day — Refreshments, Lunch, Copies, misc.
  • Coaching (2 years, $200/month, $2,400/year or $4,800 total)

*$400 initial investment includes these expenses covered by MO Conference:

  • Readiness 360 assessment ($160)
  • Mystery Worshipers (3 visits) ($1,100)
  • Consulting ($2,000 per MKI for time & travel)