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Mission Voice

The Mission Voice is a bi-monthly publication available to individuals, local units, district mission teams and the MO Conference Mission Team. Subscriptions are from January to December.  


To subscribe by email, send your name, district and unit name and email address to Conference Communications Coordinator / Newsletter Editor Kelly G. Loeb at


To receive the Mission Voice by postal mail, complete the subscription form and mail it with your payment ($5 for the year; send cash or checks payable to MO Conference UMW) to Kelly G. Loeb. 


2020 Issues
February  August (to be published August 15, 2020)
April  October (to be published October 15, 2020)
June  December (to be published December 15, 2020)




2019 Issues

February October
April December
May Special Mission u Edition  





2018 Issues

Month Published Special Editions
February Mission u


updated June 2, 2020