Mission Team

Current members of the UMW Mission Team


President Marilyn Henegar
Vice President Vicki Rhew
Secretary Chris Hopkins
Treasurer Liz Rooks

Mission Coordinators

Spiritual Growth Brenda Smith-Keene
Membership Nurture and Outreach Elizabeth Mack
Social Action Faye Abram
Education and Interpretation Aline Taylor

Other Coordinators

Program Resources Donna Ford
Communications Kelly G Loeb
Chair of Committee on Nominations Mabel Unser
Dean of Mission u Kathy Rolen
Mission Ribbon / Corsages Linda Page
Media/Web Technical Advisor Rosie Farmer
Historian TBD
Green Team Task Force Felicia Bamer
Language Coordinator Elsie Quintanilla-Perez

    District Presidents

Gateway Central Linda Guth-Stangl   Mid-State Sharon Smith
Gateway Regional Diana Rogers   Ozark Mary Hodge

Jana Miller


Verlee Gilkerson

      Southeast Mary Klaproth
Mark Twain Nancy Douglas   Southwest Jane Baker


The Chairperson of the Committee on Nominations  is a member of the Mission Team.
Her committee is:

Class of 2019 Karen Hall Rachel Bachenberg
Class of 2020 Dixie Stone This could be you!
Class of 2021 Mabel Unser Betty Kelim
Class of 2022 Adelaide Parsons Cindy Linger

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