MO UMW Google Group

This communications service for the Missouri Conference UMW is available for those who want to share joys and concerns, potential changes in meeting days, times, locations, or news that needs to be distributed "between" Mission Voice issues. 

Discussion of purpose-related questions is encouraged as conference, district and local unit members come together to ask questions and share their ideas. Membership in this group automatically gives you an e-mail subscription to the Mission Voice.

Members are asked to refrain from sending forward e-mails, chain prayer requests that must be passed on to 10 other people, "warnings" or public protests that can found on as untrue or ineffective, and other spam.

Attributes for the group are currently being discussed by the communications team. Currently:

Contact Rosie Farmer to request an invitation to the group.

Information on how to join the group and send it email is available here.