Local Church Safe Sanctuaries Processes

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Processes Available to Local Churches

Local Churches now have access to online software to use for their own local church certification. The software will be flexible and allow certification to be completed for local church, conference certification, or both.

The software includes eight training chapters and background screening.

Every church will have a code to use in initiating volunteers access to the online system.

  • All volunteers must go through their local church to become conference or local church certified
  • Only online training will be accepted for conference certification
  • Since the new online local church software is going to be available; local churches may no longer use conference certification as a substitute for their own local church certification

We believe this new process will strongly enhance the Safe Sanctuaries programs of our local churches and provide even safer methods of protecting our children, youth and vulnerable adults.

Child Abuse Prevention Policy

The Missouri Conference Child Abuse Prevention Policy is for children, youth and vulnerable adults.

Request an LCA at Your Church

Only a pastor can designate a Conference certified LCA. 

Click here to request one of your church members to be an LCA

Click here to discontinue your current LCA

LCA Job Duties

Click here to download the Local Church Associate Duties

Sample Local Church Policies

Safe Sanctuaries Applicant Training 

Please contact you local church Safe Sanctuaries coordinator to get started on the process. You will give them your email address and then you can start the training process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view answers to commonly asked questions about our Safe Sanctuaries policies.