Lay Leader

As Lay Leader of your local church, you are in a position of influence. Lay Leaders have the opportunity to partner with your pastor to prayerfully:

  • discern the mission God has for the church in your community;
  • set goals for accomplishing that mission;
  • align ministries, teams, and resources to accomplish the mission;
  • evaluate those ministries to assure their “fruitfulness” in accomplishing the mission;
  • encourage laity, particularly those in leadership, toward personal spiritual growth;
  • encourage the congregation, in all its committee or team work, to prayer and outreach in the name of Jesus Christ as you strengthen your capabilities in each of the “Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations”;
  • work with your pastor closely in other ways appropriate to your local church.

Additional details are provided in the document “Job Description for Lay Leaders” and in the Book of Discipline paragraph 251.

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